Presentation to EIT Health Spain, on 27 November 2017

Plan4Act project was presented to EIT Health Management Board in a demonstration of the 3D Smart Home Living Lab simulation environment with the defined sequence of actions of the experiment at UPM LST premises, at Madrid. Target Audience: Sylvie Bove, former CEO of EIT Health and Marco Pugliese, CLC director of EIT Health Spain  

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Publication in Frontiers in Neurorobotics

Goldschmidt, D.; Manoonpong, P.; Dasgupta, S. (2017) A neurocomputational model of goal-directed navigation in insect-inspired embodied agents, Front. Neurorobot. A model of neural mechanisms in a modular closed-loop control—enabling vector navigation in artificial agents is presented. The model consists of a path integration mechanism, reward-modulated global learning, random search, and action selection. Open Full Publication

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