Article in Frontiers Neuroinformatics journal

July 30, 2019, DPZ published the work “Comparing Open-Source Toolboxes for Processing and Analysis of Spike and Local Field Potentials Data”


Analysis of spike and local field potential (LFP) data is an essential part of neuroscientific research. Today there exist many open-source toolboxes for spike and LFP data analysis implementing various functionality. Here we aim to provide a practical guidance for neuroscientists in the choice of an open-source toolbox best satisfying their needs. We overview major open-source toolboxes for spike and LFP data analysis as well as toolboxes with tools for connectivity analysis, dimensionality reduction and generalized linear modeling. We focus on comparing toolboxes functionality, statistical and visualization tools, documentation and support quality. To give a better insight, we compare and illustrate functionality of the toolboxes on open-access dataset or simulated data and make corresponding MATLAB scripts publicly available.

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